2011 is officially dunzo, and we’re still here.

As many people scrambled to find last minute plans and dates for New Year’s Eve, others spent the day trying to set goals and resolutions for the coming year. In between vows to finally get into shape, read the entire Bible (or Q’uran…or Torah), many people also decided that this year would be their final year alone.

The amount of Facebook statuses and tweets from single folks exclaiming that they were unhappily spending New Year’s Eve alone, although they hadn’t planned on it, were astounding. Some were pretty sad and lamented their single status, and others were slightly more hopeful as they tried to speak a boo into existence.

But as I read all of the “woe is me, I’m single!” statuses, I kept wondering…is being single really that bad? 

I mean, I get it. The holiday season can be tough on a single person, especially if their family is harping on their status OR if their friends are happily coupled. But if you ask me, New Years Eve shouldn’t be a time for emo status updates, but rather a hopeful celebration of the endless possibilities to come.

Instead of people dwelling on what they DON’T have, perhaps they should have been taking some time to reflect on what they DO have. Namely health, good sense (hopefully), and a whole lot of time and opportunity to make things happen.

I’ll admit, while it would have been nice to be hugged up with my steady ringing in the New Year, it didn’t exactly go down like that. But am I mad? No. Instead, I realize that I’m blessed to see yet another year and experience all that life has to offer.

So, while many of you feverishly add to your list of self-improvements for the year, remember to be the type of person you hope to attract.

If you want a man (or woman) who is a hard worker, ambitious, and has a killer body…aim to be that yourself. If you want a man who is well-cultured, well-traveled, and well-read…dust of your passport and hit the road!

Gone are the days in which we put things on pause while waiting on Mr. or Ms. Right to drop from the sky. Nah. Life is too short and there is far too much to see and do in this world to be sitting on the sidelines waiting to get into the game.

And trust me. Once you get out there and start living the life you want you’ll run across someone who shares your values, likes, and passion for life.

Are you living the life you want? 

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