Before her astounding and well deserved win at the 2011 Grammy Awards for Best New Artist, very few people knew who Esperanza Spalding was. Luckily, we weren’t one of those few. We’ve been wild about Esperanza since she released her first solo album titled Junjo back in 2006. Her musicianship and soulful voice definitely made us fans from the start, but as fashionistas it was Esperanza’s unique sense of style that caught our eye!

Esperanza’s bright and funky, yet totally vintage and retro style is simply to die for. Whether she’s rocking high waist jeans, a flirty multi-colored dress or a boyish vest and tie with strands of pearls, Esperanza’s style is definitely all her own. We would love to raid her closet! And of course, you can’t mention Esperanza and not talk about that head full of beautiful natural hair! The singer/songwriter/jazz bassist has also become a naturalista icon showing off her lush unruly mass of curls everywhere she goes.

No doubt about it, whether we’re listening to her music, day dreaming about her closet or imitating her gorgeous hair, we are wild about Esperanza Spalding…and you should be too!

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