On last night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Emily sat down for a heart to heart with Chrissy about the status of her and rapper Fabolous’ relationship. Emily mentioned to Chrissy that her friend Winter basically told her to overlook any indiscretions Fab may have if she wants to continue to live the good life.

*Insert rolled eyes and sucked teeth here*

Instead of jumping in and telling her good friend “Oh hell no! You’re worth more than that!” Chrissy, in all her rock solid relationship with a man she had to basically force to marry her wisdom, told Emily that with their lifestyle certain things often come with the territory, but as long as she didn’t find out about it and none if it ever came to her doorstep, she was cool.

What in the low self esteem hood rat hell?!

When I heard that logic I wanted to reach through the screen and choke the life out of both of them! Can cheating be forgiven? Sure, we all make mistakes, but to simply accept that old bullsh-t line about “A man’s gonna do, what a man’s gonna do,” is a higher form of insanity. Cheating is a choice, not some ingrained compulsion that can’t be helped. Any man worth his weight can choose to not cheat, just like a woman can choose to not cheat. Why would anyone want to accept less? So because of his occupation he gets a free pass to cheat as long as a baby momma and STD never cross your path? Really? Is that all you’re worth?

To hear two beautiful women sit on national television and willingly devalue themselves made me sick. Are you not worth a man that, regardless of his occupation, loves and values you and himself enough to not cheat period? Can he not provide nice things for you without the trade off being your self worth and potential harm to your mind, body and spirit? Advice like this is why I usually take the advice my friends give with a grain of salt. Personally, I don’t think it is ever okay to simply turn a blind eye to cheating. My soul is not for sale and if I have to do without a nice home or a Bentley coupe to get the respect I know I deserve than so be it. I’d rather have a faithful plumber and a studio apartment, than an unfaithful baller, a mansion and a doctor on call for STD checks. But that’s just me.

Maybe Chrissy, Emily and all the other women in the world who simply look the other way have deeper issues that force them to feel that this kind of thinking is okay, and if so, then they need to talk to someone who can help them understand that they deserve much better. Until then, the cycle will continue with their daughters and their daughter’s daughters because while they were teaching them how to love a man, they forgot to teach them how to love themselves.

Is it ever okay to ignore cheating?

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