Yes, we know you’ve been waiting (some of you all night), but it’s all led up to this.

Since early last year, Issa Rae and the cast of the hit web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl have been keeping viewers talking and laughing about J’s awkward antics. From her boss from hell, to her awkward love triangle, we’ve been there for every single ABG moment.

The previous episode ended on a cliffhanger, and we can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

After having both of her crushes finally step up,  J must choose between Fred and White J. Although fans have taken sides and have argued about who they think J should choose, it’s all come down to this: The Decision.

Watch the season finale of Awkward Black Girl.

What do you think? Did J make the right choice? 

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  • M-


    I would surmise the following comment was stated within a generalized context, and not to be taken literally:

    “We already know why women make less than men. Men have qaulifications (qualifications) that pay more and they work longer hours”…

    However, if your intent was to present this statement as fact, rather than vague opinion, I would have to disagree with you. While to an extent, common beliefs associated with gender wage gaps have included assertions such as the one you proposed. Unfortunately, extensive research have concluded this reason is not necessarily the case, but rather a typical defense masking an underline, almost insidious motive instead.

    As I’m sure you are aware, industry jobs traditionally held by men (i.e. manufacturing, engineering, agriculture) required certain skill sets and time commitment. In turn, wages were aligned respective to specific criteria, such as position or market conditions. Conversely, women on average were not afforded comparable prospects due to limited educational or socio-economic reasons. As such, opportunities to acquire similar position (and possible wage) levels with men were excluded. That is until recently (spanning the course of 30 years), where women have been able to attain competencies necessary to rival these once male-dominated arenas.

    However, this achievement does not translate into equal compensation for women due to emerging reasons identified by researchers (i.e. being “mommy tracked”, lack of promotions/sponsors, poor negotiation strategies, or sex discrimination), which validate actual causes for wage disparities. Women have keen abilities and pending the role, work just as many hours as men. Thus, the notion of “qualifications and longer hours” on surface may appear to be the culprit, do realize this is not the case. Rather, the wage disparity is a result of historical and social conditions that have impeded women (and to some degree men) to undermine equitable compensation for performance and financial well-being.

    P.S. Listed below are references that examine conditions associated with gender wage disparities and strategies for effective negotiation. Hope this information can provide relevant insight to those interested!


    Babcock, L., & Achiever, S. (2007). Women don’t ask. New York, NY: Bantam Dell.

    Carter, J. F. (2007). Double outsiders: How women of color can succeed in corporate America. Indianapolis, IN: JIST Works.

    Stanny, B. (2004). Secrets of six-figure women. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers.



    • …and that just about closes the discussion on that issue…permanently.

      qon. i beg you. go somewhere to stitch your head back on.

      m- hey…hey there…WHEN i say something to offend you, please do remember i once said nice things about you.

      okay thank you and good night.

  • M-


    LOL, I will definitely keep that in mind WHEN you do! Have a great one in the meantime…;-)

  • Socially Maladjusted

    I’m no interacialism crusader but if one of the criteria for choosing mates is that they are not from a class that has historically oppressed us. then the only black/white IRs that can be approved are those between black men and white women.

    Black men have not oppressed white women and white women, atlhough accomplices to it, haven’t been the driving force in black men’s oppression.

    So if we are to sanction interacial relationships by the quality of being oppression free then the black man/white woman combo should be the IRs that cause the least amount of discomfort.

    Indeed since white women continue to be subordinated by white men (apparently) and black men (exempting black men like me) continue to be subordinated by white males – the only people in this society who truly come together as equals, absent of the normal male/female superior/inferior gender dynamics, are black men and white women.

    In white male on white female relationships the woman is unequal to the male by sex, in white male on black female relationships the women is “unequal” to the white male on two counts – by race and sex.

    In short, black men and white women have more in common, oppression wise and equality wise, than black women have with white men –

    making for the possibility of a much improved male/female relationship template. Black men and white women are better placed to see past what girlformerlyknownasgrace refers to as the social constructs of race and class, and overcome those barriers because they meet on a more equal footing.

    In contrast, black women chasing the “interacial dream” approach it from the opposite direction. For them for them it’s a recognition of the inequalities of race and even more disturbingly, a conviction that the white supremacist order is the natural order, and thus a desire to date//breed/marry into the white race to access white privilege, power and

    “white beauty”(?)

    White people live beautiful lives because “they’re pretty” – right?


    smh – sigh

    This is longstanding strategy among black women. In fact while we’re on a roll here – let’s also remember that both black men and white women had to suffer in silence while black women and white men gorged themselves on interacial lust.

    Awkward black girls chasing white dick aint nothing new.

    Diasporan blacks didn’t come to be all the colours of the rainbow on black men fucking white women.

    Personally, I’m willing to let that particular slavery bygone – be gone, since we made it out of slavery, albeit severely damaged as we can see from cultural dysfunctions like the idealization of whiteness depicted in Awkward Black Girl.

    But no one is going label this black man an oppressor of black women and leave out all the other parts of the oppression story.

    I say to interacialist black women, be very careful about the can of worms you risk opening up by banging the interacial drum and invoking a false tale of black male oppression to justify it..

    You might piss of white boy because of all the shit we’ll bring up that he’d rather forget.

    Go your merry interacial way and shut up.