Well, it’s official…we can’t escape little baby Blue Ivy Carter.

This time proud papa Jay-Z is feeding the frenzy by releasing a song for his new daughter called, “Glory.” The song features baby Blue’s little cries, while her pops gets a introspective about the birth of his first child and he and Beyonce’s struggles to have a family.

According to Jay, the couple suffered a miscarriage and thought they’d never have kids.

Jay raps: “You was made in Paris, mama woke up the next day and shot an album package/last time the miscarriage was so tragic…we was afraid you disappeared but naw baby you magic.”

Jay also raps: “You’re everything that I prayed for, God’s gift I wish I woulda prayed more.”

Little baby Blue makes her debut at the end of the track, doing what babies do best: crying.

Overall, “Glory” is a tender, thoughtful track that hopefully signals a shift back to Jay’s deeper, not overly materialistic, roots.

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