Well, it’s official…we can’t escape little baby Blue Ivy Carter.

This time proud papa Jay-Z is feeding the frenzy by releasing a song for his new daughter called, “Glory.” The song features baby Blue’s little cries, while her pops gets a introspective about the birth of his first child and he and Beyonce’s struggles to have a family.

According to Jay, the couple suffered a miscarriage and thought they’d never have kids.

Jay raps: “You was made in Paris, mama woke up the next day and shot an album package/last time the miscarriage was so tragic…we was afraid you disappeared but naw baby you magic.”

Jay also raps: “You’re everything that I prayed for, God’s gift I wish I woulda prayed more.”

Little baby Blue makes her debut at the end of the track, doing what babies do best: crying.

Overall, “Glory” is a tender, thoughtful track that hopefully signals a shift back to Jay’s deeper, not overly materialistic, roots.

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  • Chelly

    I have to agree with some of you. I am happy that their baby is healthy; however I don’t believe Beyonce actually gave birth too the baby. I think they hired a surrogate…but because Jay & Bey fans believe they are GOD (which no one on earth is) they fail to look at all the evidence. Not too mention…no one caught Beyonce going to visit a doctors office none during the pregnancy. Not too mention….all the various baby sizes…and Coco was right…her deliver dates just don’t add up..and this is from Beyonce’s own words. But because her fans want her to again…be a GOD….they will accept her coming back from pregnancy (magically with a beautiful toned body) and holding her bundle of joy…and of course the world will think they did something that no one else has done. What a joke…the Carter family along with their die hard fans! LOL!