The newest episode of Love & Hip Hop featured some major bitchy moments but the one that stood out above the rest was the eruption between Chrissy and her new fiancé Jim Jones’ once faithful manager Yandy Smith. It appears that this long-winded relationship is about to take flight and there doesn’t seem to be a plausible reason why Jim Jones’ leading lady should feel such bitterness. So why is she hating?

Could it be due to the fact that Smith is not only beautiful, but also ambitious, hard-working and successful, qualities that would threaten any woman who despite equally strong characteristics, still had to wait seven years before her man publicly solidified his commitment to her.

Yandy is all about the money and she is not interested in anything outside of that goal. She enjoys the thrills and rollercoaster themes that come with her career, which inevitably doesn’t leave much room for a thriving personal life. Chrissy on the other hand has all the time in the world to nurture her relationship, but with such a feisty disposition and inconsolable energy, its possible that Yandy is a constant reminder of what she wishes she embodied as opposed to being reduced to a ‘Ride or Die Chick”.

Now that her nemesis is out of the picture after Smith willing stepped down as Jim Jones’ manager, lets see how Chrissy Lampkin steps up to the plate to prove she was worth the end result of all the unnecessary drama.

Only time will tell.

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  • Boooooo Chrissy is not jealous of Yandy. She’s just tired of Yandy’s rude, inconsiderate, sneaky behavior. Why does Yandy always have a sly grin on her face after every fight or argument???

    Chrissy needs to work on her hot temper….and btw i love her mole:)

  • Laurel83

    I kind of think that maybe something more than just professional activities happened between Yandy and Jim J., and that’s why there is such hatred towards Yandy from Chrissy. It would explain why, after receiving a ring most women would fall out over, she would snap off just by seeing this girl.

  • Socially Maladjusted


    . . . the most laughable thing is that these are the same people who consume every morsel of trash media and after getting their fix will go on to blame the influence of trash media for


    You have ask yourself if people have any self awareness at all, because if they did surely the cognitive dissonance would tear them apart.

  • sagen

    I feel that Chrissy is upset because Yandy hangs with Kimbella instead of her. Chrissy is a insecure, drama filled bully. She’s in her early 40’s surrounded by women younger than her & should be setting some mature & lady like examples around these impressionable women instead acting like a jealous groupie!!

  • Issac

    I feel like Chrissy need to know her place and play her postion, jus like yandy say…”Yu never made yur man a dime in your life” I mean Chrissy is a joke to me that need to grow up and get some shit going on for her self cuz at 42 yu should be established…..unlike chrissy…Yandy works hard for her money….Yandy is a BOSS…HANDS DOWN…….Chrissy need to get on her level…I hope Jim see chrissy for who she is before its to late…