Kelly Rowland definitely stepped up her fashion game in 2011 so it’s not surprising the R&B singer who just got recently into red bottoms calls herself a “shoe whore.”

She told Juicy Magazine, “I own almost over 200 pairs. I don’t know how many red bottoms I own. I’ve recently been able to wear [Christian Louboutins]. My foot didn’t quite fit in ‘em, but now I can. I don’t know if they altered them or what.”

Along with a ton of shoes, Kelly also wants tons of babies—at least she used to. “I used to want five [babies]. Now I just want three. I took my godkids to Universal Studios and that just completely subtracted two!” she said.

Well, whether she wants three kids or five down the line, Kelly might want to step up her lingerie game to match her red carpet looks. She told Juicy she has an old set of unmentionables that’s begging to be replaced.

“My favorite piece [of lingerie] would be this La Perla set… I don’t know if it’s sexy anymore because it has those little buds on it from being in the dryer! [Laughs] It’s like,’ C’mon Kel, let it go.’” But if Kelly gets the supportive, secure man she’s looking for, I’m sure he won’t mind. On top of those qualities, Kelly says her man has to “have goals and know exactly what he wants to be and knows his place as a man…”

She also hopes her future boo loves kids and is close to his mother.

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