Picture-164I was always in search of a cleanser that left my skin feeling clean, yet supple and not tight. There are a ton of drying cleansers out there that leave my skin feeling like a desert. We all wish that we could have our baby soft skin from childhood back, however, that would take a miracle in order for that to happen. One of my favorite cosmetics companies offers a solution that doesn’t involve a time machine and it’s pretty close to being heaven-sent. It’s Lush Cosmetics Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser. It’s an organic handmade solid cleanser that balances and softens for all skin types. The kaolin clay in Angels deep cleanses while the ground almonds gently sloughs off dead skin. It also contains rose and lavender to soothe combination skin. Just simply mix a small amount of the cleanser with water and massage it into the skin. The skin feels so soft and refreshed after patting the face dry – especially after a full day of wearing makeup. Be sure to follow-up with up with a rich SPF 15 moisturizer for day and one without SPF for night.

– Alana Wright

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