Matt Couloute is a New Jersey attorney who ended his nearly three-year relationship with Amanda Ryncarz with what sounds like a pretty bad breakup. In retaliation, Ryncarz posted on the site LiarsCheatersRUs.com to warn other women what a piece of garbage he is and now Couloutte is suing her for “tortuous interference with prospective business relations.” In other words, he claims that her internet spot-blowing is ruining his career and finances. She wrote:

Lives in Jacksonville, FL/NY/NJ with his new “wife” that he married in City Hall just days after breaking up with his girlfriend of 2+ years. Cheated on ALL of ex-girlfriends. Lied and cheated his entire way through his 40 years of life. Uses people/his son/women to get what he wants then dumps you when he’s done with them. Has no long term friends. He rents or finances everything and owns absolutely nothing.

Couloute says that this post, which pops up first in Google searches for his name, prevented him getting a home loan and has caused potential clients to walk away. He has also named the mother of his child in the suit, who claims that she never wrote anything about him on the internet but is standing up for her right to say whatever she wishes about the man. Both exes are being represented by feminism champion and celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, who sees the case as having the potential to set a dangerous precedent for women’s rights.

“It seems ironic that men can lie and cheat and then look to the courts for legal protection…I think the minimum the women should be allowed to do is to speak out and speak the truth about the men who they have had relationships [with] and about the men who have hurt them. We believe lawsuits like this should not be allowed. This is free speech. Women must have a voice and be able to speak to each other on matters of common interest without fear of being dragged into court.”

What kills me is that while it probably stinks to have this kind of information show up in a Google of search of his name and I’m sure that he is intentionally trying to make a name for himself in the legal world, doesn’t filing this lawsuit then make news items about the case come up first, exacerbating the original problem?

I’m not sure if the women’s rights angle is spot on here, but it does sound like this case could set a risky precedent for free speech online for both women and men scorned. Shouldn’t we have the right to bitterly blab after parting ways with a nasty ex, even if it clearly doesn’t fix things? There are better ways to heal so I’ve never gone so far as to find a site like LiarsCheatersRUs.com, but I’ve also never been dumped by a dude who got married two weeks later, so I’m not even mad at his ex for it. And it sounds to me like all this woman has done is speak (mostly) the truth, so does he even have a case?

What do you think?

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