Every time I’m in a public space and catch one of those overpoweringly pungent scents that “stings the nostrils” and clings to your clothing later on, I’m pretty sure it’s thanks to Axe Body Spray. Each variety of the stuff that I’ve ever smelled is on the verge of smelling pleasant, but takes a wrong turn somewhere mid-whiff, reminding me of a teen/douchebag/euro non-bather with something to prove in this world. But maybe it’s just me.

Love it or hate it, Axe entering the women’s fragrance market with a line of scents for women. As dicey as a flowered-up version of the brand’s scents sounds to me, the commercial for “Axe Anarchy” is the most confusing part.

Really annoying things happen when brands used to going after a macho market stumble into the female space, and this commercial inexplicably featuring a “hot cop chick” taking off as many of her clothes as possible (including her gun and holster?) while in pursuit of a “hot criminal” is a reminder of that. I totally get it — Anarchy will break all of the rules, upset the system, go against the grain. But how does a re-enactment of a Jason Statham movie action scene fulfill my need to smell yummy or dissolve my expectation that Axe body spray for women will probably leave me smelling like the men’s restroom in a seedy nightclub?

What do you think of this ad? Would you try Axe for women?

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  • apple

    i dont see anything wrong it. its as ridiculous (which is normal) as they’re men fragrance commerical.

  • ms_micia

    Why couldn’t the women’s commercial be the equivalent of the male commercial. Men by droves swooning for this woman who has sprayed the mess all over herself. I’d enjoy that more than a woman chasing after a MAN. To me, that’s the same concept as the other AXE commercials for MEN. Advertisers are getting lazy to me.

    • Jane

      A man chasing a woman may appear to aggressive.

    • Weird

      I agree with Jane. Maybe men lining up to flirt might be a better translation.

  • CD86

    Axe isn’t as bad as others may make it seem. I have bought a few different Axe sprays for myself, as a woman because I like the way some of them smell.

    As far as the ad, it doesn’t make me interested in the product. I am only interested in the Women’s Axe because I am familiar with the sprays for men.

  • fuchsia

    not interested