The Oscar nominations were announced Tuesday, and while many celebrated being recognized, others felt snubbed.

While The Help grabbed nominations for Best Actress (Viola Davis) and two nods for Best Supporting Actress (Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain), Mary J. Blige felt her song ‘The Living Proof’ should have garnered a nomination as well. The song was nominated for a Golden Globe award, but apparently the Academy didn’t feel like it was worthy of an Oscar.

Mary J. took to twitter to express her frustration about not being nominated. It seems like the Academy used only two of the five spots available for best song, and didn’t even give ‘The Living Proof’ any consideration.

Mary’s fans immediately tweeted to show their support, but a few felt the Academy’s refusal to nominate Blige for an Oscar was racist.

While race may or may not have been in play, the Oscars have had a questionable record when it comes to the Best Song category. The pop culture blog HitFix broke down the nominating process and just how its snubbed seemingly shoe-ins before (Madonna’s Golden Globe winning song ‘Masterpiece’ didn’t get a nom either).

HitFix wonders: “Why do the Oscar voters hate songs so much?  Once again, the music branch has shown utter contempt for contemporary songwriters as they nominated only two tunes in the best original song category out of the 39 deemed eligible. What an insult.”

Although I’m sure it’s upsetting to Blige and her fans that she wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, her song ‘The Living Proof’ will be remembered long after this year’s award season is over.

What do you think? Does Mary J. have a right to be upset?  

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