Looks like the arrival of Baby Blue Ivy is causing quite the stir on all fronts. Former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams got pummeled by words of anger and extreme criticism all because she refused to comply with the now universally acceptable way to convey any relevant emotion which would have involved, Tweeting her congratulatory message to the proud parents.

A lot of the messages Williams received accused her of not showing the appropriate support to someone everyone thought was not just an ex-band member but also a close friend.

The saying “Stick and stones may break my bones but words…”can hold true in some instances but not this time. Williams didn’t take the unwarranted attacks lightly and went into defense mode by competently explaining that Twitter was not her preferred platform to express her well wishes to someone she cares about:

Let’s get ONE thing straight….I do NOT have to say congrats to someone when they’re NOT on twitter…ESPECIALLY when I talk or email them all the time….or when I’ll be physically present as well…so harrassing and stalking my timeline to see if I’ve mentioned something is POINTLESS!!! My friendship with people aren’t always for twitter display. Respect that and get a LIFE!!! Enjoy this FINE day!!! God bless!!!!

This is a good example of how lines get blurred and boundaries crossed thanks to people who don’t seem to have a grasp on the proper etiquette when it comes to using social network sites.

Does anyone have the right to criticize your refusal to TWEET?

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