After Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow had an amazing game and led his team to an improbable win over the Pittsburg Steelers, throwing for 316 yards, many took it as a sign that God was trying to send a message to all his haters: Bow down, suckas!

Tebow, who’s a devot Christian and wears his faith on his sleeve (and sometimes his face), has said in the past that John 3:16 is his favorite Bible verse. After the game, many took his yardage (which the AP reports averaged 31.6 yards per pass) as confirmation that God was on Tebow’s side and that he used the QB to convey his message of faith and obedience to the world.

While I don’t doubt God’s ability to use high-profile people or situations to convey his message, I don’t think the Almighty cares who wins a football game. Seriously. With so many problems going on in our world, I’d HOPE God–in his/her infinite wisdom–would focus our attention on more pressing issues like poverty, hunger, and as corny as this sounds, world peace.

But hey…after the Broncos win, John 3:16 became the most searched item on Google, so perhaps there’s something to be said for Tebow’s public display of religion, but I refuse to believe God picks sides. Surely there are believers on both sides of the gridiron, so it’s a little silly for some to say God willed Tebow and his boys to victory (dissing those who believe in Him on the Steelers), because what happens if they lose? Will people begin to question whether God has forsaken Tebow? Will they lose their new found faith?

Religion and faith are complex things, and while I give Tebow props for being so open about his beliefs, I have to question whether or not God’s new bandwagon fans are really in it for the right reasons, whether their team takes home the championship or not.

What do you think? 


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