After Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow had an amazing game and led his team to an improbable win over the Pittsburg Steelers, throwing for 316 yards, many took it as a sign that God was trying to send a message to all his haters: Bow down, suckas!

Tebow, who’s a devot Christian and wears his faith on his sleeve (and sometimes his face), has said in the past that John 3:16 is his favorite Bible verse. After the game, many took his yardage (which the AP reports averaged 31.6 yards per pass) as confirmation that God was on Tebow’s side and that he used the QB to convey his message of faith and obedience to the world.

While I don’t doubt God’s ability to use high-profile people or situations to convey his message, I don’t think the Almighty cares who wins a football game. Seriously. With so many problems going on in our world, I’d HOPE God–in his/her infinite wisdom–would focus our attention on more pressing issues like poverty, hunger, and as corny as this sounds, world peace.

But hey…after the Broncos win, John 3:16 became the most searched item on Google, so perhaps there’s something to be said for Tebow’s public display of religion, but I refuse to believe God picks sides. Surely there are believers on both sides of the gridiron, so it’s a little silly for some to say God willed Tebow and his boys to victory (dissing those who believe in Him on the Steelers), because what happens if they lose? Will people begin to question whether God has forsaken Tebow? Will they lose their new found faith?

Religion and faith are complex things, and while I give Tebow props for being so open about his beliefs, I have to question whether or not God’s new bandwagon fans are really in it for the right reasons, whether their team takes home the championship or not.

What do you think? 


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  • Rastaman

    God Squad folks need to check themselves, gone are the days when you can browbeat others into passive acceptance of whatever prevailing thought you all think they should be about. Religion is not sacrosanct it is just another philosophy. Tim Tebow and his public genuflecting is showboating.

    Just so you all know I am not opposed to showboating by athletes, I believe one of the rewards for being on that stage is to be able to market yourself like any other product in the entertainment industry. But to think whatever Tebow is doing is somehow elevated above or even purer than doing the electric slide, the Icky shufle or the Lambeau leap is crock.

    So Tim Tebow can genuflect from a headstand in the next game the people who think its special don’t know their 2000 y-o desert gods from a hole in their heads.

    • Patrick Pete

      Rastaman, like I said you are no different than any of the proselytizing religious people you purport to be offended by. Tebow hasn’t done anything more than be as fervent about his faith as you are in your anti-faith perspective.

      Gone are the days where atheists can prance around and act like they are being persecuted by fervent evangelical Christianity. The only reason why anyone is paying any attention to Tebow is because he is being successful in a way that makes faith relevant. I find atheist funny. You don’t serve God because no one can give you a “cogent” argument for the existence of God. You need explanations. But when something occurs that defies explanation, your explanations are equally flimsy.

      Whatever it is that is behind Tebow’s success. I think he has every right to believe it is attributed to the God he serves. You are commenting now because of the attention he is getting. Not the attention he is soliciting (you essentially disqualified yourself by assuming he is grandstanding without cogently validating that assumption). Where were you when he was doing the same thing @ Florida. Nowhere! Why? Because it had no relevancy. Now that it appears to have some relevancy you are, in effect, the antithetical equivalent to all of the people who are tebowing everywhere. And that is as it should be. That’s what makes America great.

    • Rastaman

      @Patrick Pete Why you mad son?
      Now that you have elevated yourself to supposed knowledge of my past thoughts and religious beliefs am I suppose to bow down and pray to you too?
      I am sorry I don’t bow down.
      You though may want to get up off your knees and and release Tebow’s joint, your man crush is showing. I am no threat to your 2000 y-o cult’s belief system or any random athlete that shares it, everyone is entitled to their own mythology, I for one find Lord Of the Rings much more entertaining.
      It must really burn for so many to not share your reverence of Tim Tebow but I guess your just are going to have to live with or continue your AH quest for relevance.

    • Bunny

      “Gone are the days where atheists can prance around and act like they are being persecuted by fervent evangelical Christianity.”

      …wait, what are we talking about here? Actually, Christians *do* have a long history of persecuting non-believers/non-Christians, just so we’re clear that does/has actually happened, and it’s not something people just whine about…


    • Patrick Pete

      @Rastaman, I’m not mad, just responding to your comments. That is what a comment section is for. Not sure what your other comments were about. *shrugs* I think when I read foolishness I should respond to it. That’s All.

      @Bunny I never said atheist weren’t persecuted. I said “gone” are the days of the actions like the CRUSADES. Did you read that wikipedia entry you cut-n-paste? Gone infers that they happened. Let’s be clear. That is not the case today. Truthfully, this is you alls heyday. It is the time of the faithless. Let’s see how well the world is with people like yourselves moving your faithless agenda. I look forward to seeing how that is working out. What is the history of the faithless?

  • jrmint

    I don’t think God cares about who wins the games but the actual players in the game because they are all God’s children!! The fact that the media keeps blowing up the fact that Tebow prays on the field irritates me to the highest. He is not the first nor will he be the last player to kneel down on the field to say a prayer or give thanks. As a Raider season ticket holder i can tell you that a group of players say a prayer on the field before every game and marcel reese kneels down in prayer before every game…but is the media hypin that up? Noo!! But let Tebow say a prayer and the Broncos win… it must be that God loves the Broncos…Please! People been kneeling and they gone keep on kneeling Tebow ain’t the only one!

  • TK

    You mean “devout”, not “devot”.

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  • Paul Duca

    God gave Tebow a big fat raise for joining the Jets, instead of being a “good” Christian who presumably should be content to wait behind Peyton Manning. Meanwhile I’m still pounding the pavement for a decent job, as I have for the better part of the past five years (including three spent at Wal-Hell for survival wages). Reality makes it clear who God cares about…and more importantly, who He DOESN’T.

    • BeeYex174

      Well I don’t think Tebow had much of a choice in the matter of waiting behind Peyton Manning seeing as to how the broncos let him go!