I’m all for personal style and expressing yourself through your clothes. I love when people feel comfortable enough to rock whatever they want and push boundaries whenever they see fit. But as photo after photo of Lil’ Wayne’s outlandish outfits pop up, I’m really starting to wonder WTF is he thinking?

As if those skin-tight, leopard-print jeggins weren’t enough, the rapper has taken to looking like….I don’t even know.

Wayne’s been spotted on the sidelines of some NBA games looking just ALL WRONG, and recently he was even wearing some Chewbaca-inspired boots (why?).

Once upon a time Weezy used to look normal (and I use that word loosely), but lately his fashion choices have just been… bizarre.

Am I buggin’ or is Wayne really starting to look like the Martian he professes to be?

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  • Personally I think Lil Wayne is one of the top fashion icons of today with his unique sense of style, which you can see in the photos for yourselves.