Today the Obama Administration announced that it plans on creating 250,000 summer jobs for teens this year through a initiative called Summer Jobs+.

The Summer Jobs+ program will consist of public and private sector jobs, and according to the Grio, “Bank of America, Starbucks Coffee Co. and AT&T Inc. have committed a combined 26,850 jobs to the program. There are additional commitments from Wells Fargo,CVS, Deloitte and Gap Inc., among others.”

In a statement, President Obama said: “America’s youth can’t wait for Congress to act. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment. That’s why today, we’re launching Summer Jobs+, a joint initiative that challenges business leaders and communities to join my administration in providing hundreds of thousands of summer jobs for America’s youth.”

Last year saw record unemployment for teens (25.4% over all, 46.5% for blacks) and the Obama Administrations hopes this program will not only benefit out-of-work young people who are hungry for work experience, but also boost the economy as well.

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