After the Ohio Civil Rights Commission ruled that an Cincinnati landlord couldn’t display a “whites only” sign on an apartment complex pool, she’s now asking them to reconsider.

Jamie Hein posted the sign in May 2010 after Michael Gunn allowed his biracial daughter to swim in the pool. Although Gunn and his guests had unrestricted access to the pool, after his daughter (who was visiting) went for a swim, they were greeted by the racist sign.

Initially Hein claimed she put the sign up because the 10-year-old’s hair products made the pool “cloudy,” not because of race. But Gunn disagreed and filed a complaint with Ohio’s Civil Rights Commission.

Last year, the commission found that the sign “restricts the social contact between Caucasians and African Americans as well as reinforcing discrimination actions that are aimed at oppressing all ‘people of color.'” However, they are meeting this week to reconsider their ruling.

Hein later argued that the sign was a gift from a friend and dated back to 1931 and not racist. She told ABC, “I don’t have any problem with race at all. It’s a historical sign.” But as Anna North of Jezebel pointed out, Jim Crow and slavery are also historical, should we reinstate those too?

While it is unclear why the commission would reconsider such a cut and dry case, this is just another reminder that despite all of the strides we continue to make as a country, racism is alive and well.

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  • fuchsia

    They need not be fooled by this racist woman’s new claims. If this were true then she would do a lot more than put a sign up. Some explanation of the sign should’ve been displayed with the sign as well as the date and it should be fully disclosed that the sign is not binding in anyway and doesn’t reflect the views of the manager or her complex. It could’ve easily been a learning tool, but she messed that up by trying to defend the words in the sign with the “cloudy” pool situation.

    The best she could do now is donate that sign to a museum where it belongs.

  • Eccentricism

    It makes the pool “cloudy?” REALLY? I suppose the cleaning chemical chlorine is nothing against the likes of Blue Magic and Just for Me. Get out of here. This woman is racist and no one is buying her ridiculous justification of this horrendous sign.

  • Tonton Michel

    “Initially Hein claimed she put the sign up because the 10-year-old’s hair products made the pool “cloudy,” not because of race.” I had to laugh at the chutzpah to say this.

  • dvine

    the heifer is racist.. all she had to do was put up a sign for ppl to shower and rinse their hair and skin b4 entering the pool.. don’t ppl spray their hair w/oil sheens, and spritz, and use gel and stuff for ice and dandruff and what about suntan lotion and regular lotion.. someone needs to slap her ass w/a stupid stick..

  • Sue

    Okay, so blacks have; http://www.tnj.com/lists-resources/black-organizations-and-organizations-serving-black-communities; http://www.blackrefer.com/organization1.html. But whites are the racist ones?
    If and when all references to color and race are completely dropped, that’s when we will see less racism and more race equality. As long as blacks insist on having their own organizations, contests, magazines, television stations, schools, scholarships, etc., racism will unfortunately remain alive and well in America on both sides.