Oprah and SteadmanIt seems strange to some that after a certain age any woman would still be unmarried, but increasingly, more women are either waiting to tie the knot or opting out of marriage all together.

On a recent trip to India for the Jaipur Literature Festival, Oprah explained to the crowd why she hadn’t married her longtime beau, Steadman Graham. Despite whatever ideas others may hold about her unmarried status, Oprah let it be known she’s “not the marrying kind.”

Oprah explained: “I know that in a country like India where women have arranged marriages that turn into love, it may seem like a mystery as to why.”

Despite being with her longtime partner for 26 years, Oprah said they may not have stayed together had they jumpped the broom.

“But if we [referring to Graham] were married, by now we would be divorced.”

Imagine if more people were honest about their ability or inability to be “the marrying kind,” perhaps we’d see longer committed relationships instead of so many divorces.

What do you think? Are you “the marrying kind”?

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  • QoNew

    I guess women are the marrying kind when they arent independently wealthy.

  • Arie

    My dad told me that he was the “marrying kind” after getting married for the 3rd time. I said ‘Dad that’s not what it means….’

    • QoNew

      Aww youre dad sounds cute.

    • Arie

      lol no, just immature and unable to live without a woman

  • binks

    Honestly I don’t know sometimes I can’t picture myself being a wife

  • Paula

    Oprah is lying she had a show where she had lost weight and was shopping for a wedding dress. She was going to give stedman a 100 million dollar prenup…. stedman is the one who doesn’t want to get married for some reason.. Why be with someone for all those years if you are not gonnan marry them…and she also wanted children but he didn’t…. she is full of it and I don’t care who she is and how much money she has u don’t always have to believe everthing she says cause she can lie like everyone else…. she is not GOD!!!