Is Relationship Layaway possible? A few months ago I met a guy via the social networks that turned out to be quite interesting. On paper he’s a magnificent catch. He’s degreed twice over, has a professional job, is a certified cutie (taller than me), is on his way to law school, and yes…he’s black. While many sisters would be licking their chops and busting out their best tricks to “catch” him, I’m wondering if I should put him on the shelf for later.

Follow me.

Although our vibe is most certainly easy and natural, there are a few downsides. One, he lives in another state, and while I’m not totally opposed to a long distance situation for a while, at some point one of us would have to move (which one?). Two, he’s younger than me. I know Aaliyah said age ain’t nothing but a number, but it is. I know he’s nowhere near ready to settle down (am I?), so getting into something serious might not be the best course of action right now, or else I may end up pouting like Chrissy, wondering when he’s gonna put a ring on it. No bueno. And Three, he’s getting ready to go to law school and that alone will put the kibosh any sort of extra time he’ll have to devote to me.

Despite being a practical woman, I was gushing about him to a friend of mine over the weekend, listing all the positives and negatives. Interestingly enough, she proclaimed that I needed to “hold on to him” because brothas like him don’t come around too often.

I began thinking about this idea of 1) holding onto a good guy simply because another one might not come around too soon, and 2) if it was even possible to put people on relationship layaway until the two of you were ready to devote time to a relationship.

Even though it sounds good and logical in theory, can it really happen?

I’d imagine it would be tricky to carry on a not-so-serious relationship with someone you really want to be serious with when the time is right. If you continued dating, I’d imagine you’d still develop feelings for that person, and maybe even still fall in love and want a commitment, but then what? Now, one of you will be pissed because you to lock it down and the other person will be wonder when the rules changed and if they can get more time.

It all just seems so…messy.

But is it worth the potential disaster?

What say you, Clutchettes? Is ‘relationship lawaway’ a viable option when you meet someone who’s GREAT, but the timing is wrong?

Speak on it! 


*Via WhoUCallinaBitch.com

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