In a few months my friend is getting married to one of the greatest guys out there.  Of course with the planning of the wedding comes the planning of the bachelor and bachelorette parties.  Now while my friend wants to have strippers at her bachelorette party (P.S. I HATE male strippers and will shank any friend of mine that ever gets me one for an occasion) she has absolutely forbidden her guy from going to a strip club or having strippers of any kind at his party.  From her own mouth she has said that her fiancé hasn’t given her any reason to think that he would do anything stupid, her mistrust is for the women who she feels will try to seduce him.  My question to her of course was who says the male strippers won’t try to do the same thing?  And if your man is truly the type of guy you think he is, these chicks could p-pop on a handstand in his lap while squirting Ace of Spades and diamonds out their va jay-jays and he would still be faithful to you.  A man who is truly strong in his commitment and beliefs is not going to drop and forget them in one night.

I could care less about my guy going to the strip club, it’s entertainment and even I enjoy a trip to Sin City every now and then so I can’t knock him for it.  As long as he’s not blowing every dime he makes at the club or cheating, I don’t see the problem.  Men can meet women to cheat with any and everywhere.  I’m more concerned about the woman he sees on his 7:45am train every morning or the woman who makes his breakfast at the Dunkin Donuts than the stripper he sees every once in awhile.  These are women he truly has access to and if he was going to cheat it’s more likely to be with them.  Besides, if in my heart I believe my man would leave what he has at home for the stripper at the club, then maybe he’s not the man I want in the first place.

Is it okay for your man to go to the strip club?  Would you go with him?

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