Supposedly Will and Jada have one.  Actress/Comedienne Mo’Nique flat out said she has one, and I’m sure there are numerous other people in the world with the discreet arrangement of an open relationship.  Now I’ve never been in an open relationship before, but from what I’ve heard and read it basically works like this: You and your partner can both screw around as long as you both know about the outside parties, children don’t become involved, diseases aren’t brought home and honesty, as well as all lines of communication between the two of you remain open.  Of course every situation varies and people add their own specific rules to the game, but when you read it the way I just described, open relationships don’t seem like such a bad idea.  I mean think about it, for many of us monogamous relationships don’t seem to get us very far and they usually end up in shambles because someone is lying and the lying usually involves cheating.  Open relationships eliminates the need to ‘cheat’ because essentially cheating is allowed and if you’re allowed to cheat, you don’t need to lie, and that takes care of two of the main reason monogamous relationships fail in one shot.  Sounds like heaven!


What about feelings?  What happens if you end up emotionally attached to someone you’re just supposed to be banging out, then what?  Then what was supposed to be such a blissfully simple arrangement gets complicated real quick.  What if one person has an outside lover and one doesn’t?  What if one person wakes up one morning and doesn’t want an open relationship any more?  There are just too many ‘what ifs’ for this to be a rational way to live life.  Outside of all the possible wrong scenarios, I just don’t think I could or want to share the man I’m with.  It may sound clingy or a bit possessive, but if we make a commitment to be together than you’re mine.  Not Suzy Q’s on the weekend and mine the rest of the week…mine 24/7/365 and I’m not sharing my toys.  Yet with every failed relationship, amicable split or not, I wonder if my ‘mine’ theory is really a good one.  Is there something to this open relationship thing that myself and others are missing?  Could this really work?


Could you be in an open relationship? 

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