Today news broke that Halle Berry is engaged to her new beau Oliver Martinez whom she has been dating since 2010 and set to married….again. This will be the third marriage for Halle, she was married to former baseball player David Justice for four years, beginning in 1993, and was married to singer Eric Benet in 2001. Both marriages ended with more bad than good with Halle suffering from domestic abuse with Justice and a sex addiction with Benet.

Of course Halle isn’t the first (nor will she be the last) celeb to get married multiple times (Elizabeth Taylor was married eight times to seven husbands), and my own father is on his third marriage, but at what point do you just stop getting married? At what point do you continue to seek love and commitment, but just skip yet another trip down the aisle? I hope and pray everyday that if/when I do get married I only have to do it once, but should divorce darken my door and I’m thrust back into the dating scene I want to do it with the understanding that I’m only giving this marriage thing one more try. Not because I expect to be bitter and jaded because I’m definitely a hopeless romantic, but because in my opinion after, at maximum, three times it almost seems like you’re making a mockery of vows that are supposed to be sacred. It starts looking like your life is just a revolving door of husbands none of whom matter enough to you to actually uphold the “Till death do us part” section of the vows. I’m all for the never-ending pursuit of love, but after a certain point being married multiple times just becomes too much.


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