Should prostitution be legal?It’s the world’s oldest profession.  The one job never down in a recession, never short on supply or demand and will be around long after we’ve gone on to the other side.  Sex.  Pretty much all over the United States the selling or purchasing of sex is against the law.  The only place (that I know of) where selling sex is legal is at the Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada, other than that, sex is sold in secrecy at discreet brothels, online or on street corners near you.  The threat of jail time and fines has not stopped people from selling and buying sex and for years interest groups and law makers have debated on whether or not to make prostitution legal in the U.S.  The argument is that in addition to slowing down or stopping prostitution related crime and human trafficking, legalizing the sale of va jay-jay could actually become a vital source of income for our government.  On the other side, the argument ranges from the selling of sex being immoral, to encouraging promiscuity and unsafe sexual practices.

Over in Europe however things are a bit different.  While not every country or city is on board with va jay-jay sales, some have made it a legal and profitable part of their society.  In Bonn Germany for example, not only is prostitution legal, but the city collected around $20,000 from prostitution taxes after the it installed sex meters that require ladies of the night to purchase tickets to work the streets at night.  The city even hired guards to patrol and protect workers, it also constructed special wooden garages, or “consummation areas,” near the machines where customers can park their cars and have sex.  Bonn feels the move is a huge success.

While I personally wouldn’t sell my body or encourage anyone else to, the fact still remains that prostitution is occurring in this country even as you read this post.  Many women feel this life is their only option and no matter how many times we arrest them or try to get them other forms of employment, prostitution is the life they know and choose.  And no matter how many johns get caught up in those undercover stings on COPS or how many madams ruin the lives of high powered men with their little black books, sex is going to be an in demand commodity.  So why not legalize and regulate it?


Do you think prostitution should be legal?

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