Unless you were completely under a rock this past weekend you’ve most likely heard that bad boy Chris Brown declared his undying hood love to girlfriend Karrueche by getting her face tattooed on his arm.  Chris decided that getting a replica of a photo of Karrueche with wet hair and tribal like make-up permanently etched in his arm was the best way to declare his devotion, because you know, they’ll be together forever and stuff.


After my first thought which was “Where the hell is his momma?” I remembered, one Chris is a ‘grown’ man and two, he isn’t the first person, celeb or otherwise, to make such a hasty decision.  The euphoric emotions of love have swept many up in its tattooed waves; I know a few people with names of high school sweethearts still tattooed on their bodies even as they lay down next to husbands and wives with different names.  Even celebs have gotten caught up, remember Nas’ tattoo of Kelis?  What about Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s matching tattoos?  Even Hov and Bey have matching tats on their ring fingers.  But is this the best way to say I love you?

Not trying to be negative, but the reality is some relationships don’t last forever…tattoos however do.  In a way it can be the ultimate gesture to get your significant others name or face tattooed on your body because the permanent gesture ideally would show your permanent commitment.  But isn’t that what marriage is for?  If you truly feel in your heart that this person is the one you want to be with for life, shouldn’t you show that devotion and sense of permanency by putting a ring on it, instead of a tat on you?  Maybe my old age is beginning to set in, but if a man wants to show his love for me the best thing he could do is grow with me, build with me, raise a family with me, grow old and create a lifetime of memories with me, not show up at my door with his sleeve rolled up talking about “Yo baby, this is how much I love you boo.  That’s your face right there…fo’ life son!”

Of course it’s not my place to judge what Chris Brown or any other adult on this earth does with their body so if Chris felt that this was the right thing to do then more power to him.  I just hope that when he’s 40 and married with kids, the face on his arm matches the face he sleeps next to every night.


Would You Get A Tattoo To Show Your Love?




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