Red Tails MovieGeorge Lucas’ Ward War II film about the Tuskegee Airmen, the first black aeronautical combat unit, opened over the weekend to better than expected results. The film, which has caused quite a stir in the black community, earned an impressive $19.1 million at the box office in spite of bad weather throughout the Midwest and East Coast.

Although many were concerned with the hoopla Lucas was receiving over the film, which they felt diminished the efforts of black filmmakers, others rallied to watch the film, organizing group trips for opening weekend.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Red Tails appealed to a wide cross section of audiences, but was most widely supported by black audiences.

They report: “Red Tails did well throughout the country and across all demos, although theaters in African-American markets did especially well. The top grossing theaters were in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Males made up 51 percent of the audience, while 66 percent were over the age of 25. Red Tails was soft in Canada, where black-themed movies often underperform.”

While Red Tails is indeed a hit for Lucas, Fox, and director Anthony Hemingway, it remains to be seen if its success will open the door for other films with black casts.

Did you see Red Tails over the weekend? What did you think of the film?

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  • Bishop

    Hey DivineBrown and anyone else go onto Sahbisun video on youtube titled “(black women) boycott Red Tails?” They are REALLY discussing it in more depth there!

  • Guest

    Clutch: did you notice you had Ward war? just checking…

  • hammie

    Did you know one of the stars of the film, “Red Tails” (Nate Parker) was on trial for RAPE at Penn State?

    “The Women’s Law Project sued Penn State on behalf of a former female student who went to police in 1999 to say that she was raped by two university wrestlers, identified as Jean Celestin and Nate Parker. The female student also said the two men began stalking her.”They followed her. They called her names. They publicized her name. They tortured her. And the school’s response was a slap on the wrist,” said
    Frietsche. The university allowed the two men to remain in school and as members of the wresting team under scholarships. Both men were charged. Parker was acquitted, but a jury found Celestin
    guilty and he was sentenced to six months in jail after receiving letters of support from university administrators.”Read more:
    (Scroll down to “A Dark Chapter”)

    There is a little more info (including the civil suit) here:

  • Ms. Information

    The movie was hideous. The acting was bad. There was no real storyline. The character who depended on black Jesus almost burned to death. The character who saw the white woman from the plane and went directly to her house to find her without having to search the entire village? Wtf? The character who fell in love with the white woman just happened to be the best pilot and the bravest. The story has no significant value – IT WAS HORRIBLE.

    • ruggie

      @What A Black Man Thinks –

      Did you enjoy the movie, or are you just defending it?

  • Pearlsrevealed

    Just saw the movie a few hours ago. I usually avoid movies about war but decided view this one for its historical value. Overall, i was pleased. There was never a dull moment. I squirmed much during the battle scenes. I thought Cuba Gooding played his character a bit over the top almost comic book stock/parody. I am not offended by Lightenings’ hookup with the local girl. That’s what soldiers do even black soldiers in WWII.