A fresh breeze blowing in the wind, it drifts up your leg and right underneath your skirt and makes your lady parts blush in anticipation. Aaaaahhhh the joys of going pantiless. It makes me feel good and empowered and light on my feet all the day long. Songs have been made paying homage to not wearing them. Eryka Badu sings in her homage to a woman named , “Annie don’t wear no panties…She was sittin on the front pew givin Deacon Johnson ‘nem a good view.” Which brings me to my point, that all situations are not conducive for going in le buff underneath your clothes.

Jeans – Jeans are not the best option for going pantiless (jeggings are okay though) the harsh denim fabric is uncomfortable and can cause yeast infections.

Church – This one is debateable, as no one is really going to know, unless your seated in the front pew giving the Pastor peak. But to ebb on the safe side, it is not recommended.

In the City – This one is a slippery slope. All cities are not created equal, some are cleaner than others. In polluted filled places with every brand of toxin from construction, to smog, to piss filled streets, you don’t want your lady parts exposed to certain elements.

On a Date – The element of surprise. It’s always nice to surprise your man. Like standing in line for a concert, and then whispering “I forgot to wear my panties” this always makes for a nice treat.

Clubs – Tons of women go pantiless at the club, but be weary of mirrored floors and walking up stairs, lest everybody get a flash. It’s always nice to keep it classy.

Dresses – All dresses are not created equally. I always like the idea of not wearing any panties with a classy cocktail dress, nobody is in on my little secret. Freak’em dresses however, are entirely different. Nobody wants to see a panty-line, and even thongs can be conspicuous in spandex. Tread lightly with this one. Classy is always key.

Weather – It may be stating the obvious but certain weather conditions are no bueno when going pantiless. Extreme cold temperatures are not a good idea, vaginas can catch a cold too. Extreme hot, depending on what you wear and how profusely you sweat this can really go over bad. Panties in this instance can serve as a sweat guard.


Do you ever go pantiless? What are the rules that you subscribe by when you do?

– Jayne Dirt

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  • daddy

    Find a lady who goes pantiless is very sexy, I encourage my wife and help to make sure her dresses don’t reveal anything to anyone but me. Make the sex more fun easy access anytime

  • aardvark22

    Suggested readings under History of Unmentionables

    • yazu

      Great. It seems many of history’s female undergarments (& garments) were designed (1) by men & (2) to hobble or limit women’s freedom of movement, etc.

  • yaz9876

    Women’s knickers/panties really are a relatively recent invention. Check your fashion history. No panties serves women quite well to prevent yeast infections. See Pantiless in NYC or Ditch Your Panties for example.

  • xyz12345

    Indeed pantiless is becoming lot more … if what’s called “panties” these days gets any smaller, they will serve no function at all & disappear altogether … saving a lot of spending money for outerwear … & saving a lot of visits to the gynecologist to treat yeast infections & other “panty-caused” diseases down there. It seems the main purpose of “bloomers” is to restrict/injure women’s ability to enjoy good health, movement & freedom on the job market (as well as in competing with men elsewhere, such as in sports).