We common folk always look at celebs for fashion and beauty tips since the elite forecasters of both worlds basically court them. They have the money and resources to sustain their incredibly demanding lifestyles and also maintain a beauty regimen that often makes us wonder whether we can implement some of those tips into our routine.

Looks like even high-profile celebs have the ability to fall victim to baseless beauty and health myths that keep circulating the blogosphere.

A non-profit organization, Sense About Science has made it their mission to debunk a lot of the myths that celebs proudly cling to without any supportive analysis.

The “It Girl” of 2011 whose “juicy” bum cast a spell on the world at large, Pippa Middleton, swears that rinsing her mane in cold water, opens up the pores which is responsible for the effortless shine and bounce that entice photogs to keep coming back for more. But senior scientist Dr. Frauke Neuser not only disagrees but points out that hair doesn’t have pores so dousing your hair in hot or cold water will more or less produce the same results and it may not necessarily be shiny bouncy hair.

Actress Juliette Lewis is hooked on coconut water and claims that it’s much better than sports drinks. But again that has been proven to be inaccurate. Coconut water is actually quite dehydrating thanks to the high concentration of salts and deceased amount of carbohydrates, so sports drinks are still your best bet when it comes to replenishing the fluids lost during a rigorous workout.

Sunscreen tends to get a bad rap because of the fact that they seem to be highly concentrated in synthetic materials that could be potentially harmful to the skin. Ubermodel Gisele Bundchen prefers not to apply that “poison” on her lithe frame. But pharmaceutical scientist Gary Moss put it all into perspective by explaining that “synthetic” doesn’t always have to be an alarming notion, because even “natural” products are not always as safe as you may think. We are exposed to both elements daily so as long as moderation is in play, you are better off relying on sunscreen than opting for zero protection.

The point is that celebs are public figures but they are not the authority when it comes to matters outside of their jurisdiction. If you want the facts do the research and put your curiosity to rest once and for all.

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