After the news of Seal and Heidi Klum’s break up made news, many wondered what went wrong. By all accounts the couple seemed totally in love with each other, and many seemed to take the split personally, wondering, if Seal and Heidi couldn’t make it, maybe it couldn’t be done.

Seal added to the confusion by continuing to wear his wedding ring during interviews and speaking lovingly about his soon-to-be ex-wife. Recently, he appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Show and seemed to hint at wanting to reconcile.

While on the show, Seal gushed about his relationship with Heidi and their ability to work as a team, and told Morgan that even if they don’t patch things up, they’ll always get along.

Listening to Seal discuss his marriage in such loving terms knowing he is on the verge of divorce is extremely interesting. While I’ve heard some question how he could say such nice things about his wife and proclaim his love for her while still seeking a divorce, I get it.

Relationships are hard work, and sometimes, love isn’t enough to sustain you. You have to have teamwork, communication, trust, dedication, and a whole lot of luck. You have to be able to compromise and know that sometimes, what you want will come dead last, if at all. Judging by our divorce rate, many folks aren’t up to the task, but they certainly keep trying.

Although I’m not sure Seal’s appearances are genuinely about his relationship or his upcoming album, I wish him and Heidi luck as they sort through this difficult time.

But my question for you Clutchettes and Gents is…can all relationships be saved? Is it ever too late to patch things up?

Let’s talk about it.

*via whoucallinabitch

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  • “Although I’m not sure Seal’s appearances are genuinely about his relationship or his upcoming album, I wish him and Heidi luck as they sort through this difficult time.”

    Being that his new album was released three days ago…you do the math…

  • Kacey

    Hmmm….why am I beginning to feel that this whole “divorce” was a publicity stunt for Seal to promote this album. Let me guess…in a few weeks they’ll announce that the divorce has been put on hold while they work things out. Conspiracy much? I think so.

  • Gigi Young

    I bet he cheated on her.

    Otherwise this is a cruel publicity stunt.

  • Terri

    his voice just made me be all over his jock. I don’t know what it is about a well spoken man. LAWD!!! And lets be real here I don’t think divorce publicity is going to boost sales. Why even pose that question in the first place. I know that celebrity life can seem or be skeptical because its different from a normal life but lets give people a little bit more credit.

  • TheBlackBelle

    I know i’m off topic, but I LOVE how he pronounced “charade”..he said sha-rod!
    Getting back on topic, I think he’s sincere.I hope they do get back together.