There was a lot going on during the season premiere of “The Game” last night. Jason got married, Malik’s girl almost died, Tasha had a breakdown, Melanie told Derwin a big secret—there’s a reason this episode was titled, “Skeletons…The Truth Pact.” Despite high drama, the characters still managed to squeeze in a few punch lines here and there to keep us laughing. Here’s a recap of what went down:

Melanie and Derwin
Picking up right where season 4 left off, Melanie confirms that she had an abortion when she was in college, but much to Derwin’s ego-bruised surprised, he was not the father, Trey was.

Derwin’s initial inability to forgive Melanie for not telling him about the abortion—as she was making preparations for his illegitimate son’s birthday party—didn’t go over so smoothly with viewers. But as Derwin sees how Melanie has to swallow her pride watching him with his son and Janay, he quickly comes to his senses, although that doesn’t stop him from knocking out Trey outside the house when he stops by for the birthday party (and snatching the gift from him).

Tasha and Malik
Malik’s supermodel girlfriend, Jenna, showed up on his doorstep, obviously off of the rehab wagon and threw everybody’s life out of order. After attempts to sober her up, Jenna runs off, sending everybody searching for her in the yard, and making Tasha question whether she should’ve chosen to manage her son over Derwin. When they eventually find Jenna and discover she’s not dead as they first suspected, Malik agrees to send her back to rehab and prove to Tasha that she made the right choice.

Jason and Chardonnay
Jason was hot mess on last night’s episode but by the end of the show it seemed there might be hope for the egotistical former pro athlete. Selita Ebanks made a cameo as his one night stand at the beginning of the episode before the show’s new character, Chardonnay (Brandy) found herself on the wrong end of his ghetto black girl taunts.

Later, Jason attempts to set things straight with Chardonnay after getting her fired but not before she got a little revenge of her own. Drunk and rambling about his deep-seeded love for black women, Chardonnay tells him to prove it and he puts a ring on it. In the morning, Jason doesn’t remember what happened but he does attempt to explain why he doesn’t date black girls with a narrative we’ve heard many a time—a couple of black girls rejected him back in the day and he’s had a chip on his white-girl-dating shoulder ever since.

A little all over the place and unrealistic, it took a little time to get into “The Game” last night, but overall the season 5 premiere made for good TV.

What did you think about the season opener?

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  • ms_micia

    Ugh where do i begin with my two pennies.First: Are the writers of the show twelve? Or did they not finish school??? I could do a better job writing than the people they seem to have on staff! No forreal, I’ma mail them my treatment. Anyways, over the top shock value is played and tired. This larger than life appeal of the Derwin and Melanie characters is tired too. I appreciate them trying to humanize Tasha but after the characacture she played last season it’s hard not to reign it in a little. I don’t like the Jason Pitts “black ‘women” dialouge, not because the story line wouldn’t’ve been interesting but because the way they went about it was wack. Why does Brandy have to be a barkeep, and why the heck is her name Chardonnay? It’s all too much. Why are we barely dealing the issue between Janay and Melanie. In real life just that story line is a whole show. Baby momma and Wife. How do they cope (Janay as well as
    Melanie), what’s their arrangement…develop that more instead of it being inferred. Melanie needs her life back, instead of popping out babies she needs to actually BE a doctor. Show how life would be with a professional woman who isn’t all about being at the beck and call of some man. Who are these people? I think they’ve completely lost that. I think that the writers are going what’s shocking, what’s hot, what will get people talking instead of developing what’s most important and will keep people watching past the hype THE CHARACTERS! Last note: Was it just me or was the whole Jenna OD’ing on drugs and drug dealer thing not only badly acted but extremely morbid??? Death is not funny, especially the way it was portrayed. I want so badly for them to be great but it just…isn’t.

  • Zora Neale Hurston: “I want a busy life, a just mind, and a timely death.”