If there’s a man in your life, he’s probably watched porn. From hiding VHS cassettes of Brown & Round under his mattress to checking out Pornhub.com, your man has seen, talked about watched, enjoyed and loved porn. As a woman I happen to like porn, not all porn, but I have nothing against watching Ghetto Booties 32 with my boo or searching RedTube for a flick. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with watching a good adult film as a couple or individually, however many women are totally against the idea, and most have good reason.

It’s hard to sit next to your lover watching the latest flick starring Cherokee D’Ass and not think that he’s comparing you to her in some way. Even the most secure woman can become insecure as she watches her man’s face light up when his favorite porn star twists her body into unimaginable positions and then turn to her with that look that says ‘I hope you’re watching because in 15mins I expect you to do that!’ Most of us haven’t been able to put our leg behind our heads since 3rd grade, if ever, so how in the world can we compete with a woman who, unlike us, is will to do any and everything?

Sure porn can be used as a tool to help spice up one’s sex life and bring you and your partner closer together; however there is no denying the negative effects porn can have as well. Watching porn often creates unhealthy sexual expectations which can turn partners off from one another; it can also magnify insecurities, contribute to infidelity and in the case of some fetish porn, can incite violence. In some cases couples are even divorcing because for one partner porn has gone from a recreational habit to a compulsive addiction.

Although most of us will never reach the extremes of divorce by porn or porn induced violence, one can’t help but wonder if even the recreational watching of porn is contributing to the erosion of today’s relationships. Could watching Wesley Pipes once a month be the reason why sex with your man is never satisfying enough or why your honey cheated on you with that chick who had a gag reflex like Pinky? I don’t think so, but then again, I’m a woman who loves watching them so I just might be a little bias.

What side are you on, are skin flicks friend or foe?

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