Known for voicing his displeasure with the US, Cuban former revolutionary leader Fidel Castro said Monday that a “robot” would be better in the White House than our current president, or any of his opponents of the 2012 election race.

“Is it not obvious that the worst of all is the absence in the White House of a robot capable of governing the United States and preventing a war that would end the life of our species?” wrote the 85-year-old former head of Cuba in “reflections” he regularly publishes in Cuba’s state-controlled media, Raw Story reports.

Titled, “The Best President for the United States,” Castro plainly stated that if Americans were given a choice between Obama, a Republican rival or a robot, 90 percent of voting Americans, especially Hispanics, blacks and the growing number of the impoverished middle class, would vote for the robot.”

In his opinion, Barack Obama is “hopelessly immersed in seeking re-election,” and “the dreams of (civil rights icon) Martin Luther King are thousands of light years further away than the nearest inhabitable planet.”

Regarding the conservatives Castro said, “Worse still, any of the Republican candidates for the presidency… carry with them more nuclear weapons than ideas for peace,” referring to presidential candidates on the right who express concerns that Iran is in the process of building a nuclear bomb.

Fidel Castro has publicly criticized Obama in the past, namely for the US President’s UN General Assembly address last fall, which Castro called “gibberish.” He also claimed that the US/NATO actions against Libya to be “monstrous crimes.”

Such sentiments are to be expected from the a long-time adversary of the United States, but the elderly former Communist leader makes an interesting observation. Given what we know about the current president and his (mostly extreme) right opponents, do you detect an air of hopelessness surrounding the upcoming presidential election?

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