Recently a video of former Flavor of Love contestant Deelishis and her husband Orlando Gordon surfaced. Apparently Deelishis is hoping to get her reality show, Motor City Wives, about–you guessed it–housewives in Detroit, picked up by a network, and is releasing footage that could possibly make the show.

During the interview with Sister 2 Sister founder Jamie Foster Brown, Deelishis talked about being raped when she was 18 by a man who was 10 years her senior. As Deelishis told the story of going back to the man’s house, allowing him to “pleasure” her orally, but refusing to have intercourse with him, her husband was adamant that Deelishis led the alleged rapist on, and therefore wasn’t really raped.

Wait, what?

While women do indeed need to be aware of our surroundings, I was disheartened to hear Gordon (who coincidentally was recently indicted for participating in a drug ring) casually brush off his wife’s rape. Hearing people rationalize rape and blame the victim for their attack does little to prevent sexual assault because it gives abusers a pass on their actions.

What do you think? 

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