Ever since Chris Rock’s documentary Good Hair went mainstream, it seems like everybody’s been talking about the politics of black hair.

From the debates raging online about whether it’s better to be natural or relaxed, to the sheer amount of money black women spend on our hair, it’s almost to imposible to ignore how our ‘do affects other aspects of our life.

Filmmaker Hemamset Angaza is attempting to add yet another voice to the conversation about black hair with his documentary In Our Heads About Our Hair. According to the film’s creator, it takes a humours and candid look at Black women’s issues regarding hair and self-esteem, and advocates for the acceptance of all hairstyle choices.”

Check out the trailer for In Our Heads About Our Hair and let us know what you think

*In Our Heads will be screening at the New Voices In Black Cinema Festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) in February.

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