My sister is both my rock and my total opposite when it comes to motivation. If she’s hitting the ground running on a new mission, I’m the one curled up in a ball on the sofa trying to figure out what to do with my life, and vice versa. I entered 2012 all fired up about my handful of plans and resolutions; my dear sister couldn’t remember hers from 2011 but is determined to make some positive changes this year…eventually. And as one would predict, her getting started and me feeling the itch to fall off after ten measly days of new year seem destined to fall around the same time…namely now. Let’s just say that as determined as I was to make changes just a week ago, the excuses and feelings of “well ten days is a long time” are already creeping in. And I know I’m not the only one — the gym that I’ve been forcing myself to frequent as part of my resolution is getting less crowded by the day.

Conventional wisdom says that most people break their resolutions by February 1 but let’s be real: it’s much more common for us to backslide little by little until we’re like “what resolution?” than it is for us to wake up on January 31, declare an acceptable victory, and go back to old habits. That online shopping habit you meant to curb gets put to the side in favor of a last-minute sale, a processed food here and there passes for healthy eating, and that pesky reduction of TV time doesn’t trump the need to stay in the loop with whatever show social media is buzzing about.

So I’m wondering, while there’s still time for us to save ourselves, how is your resolution going?

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  • CD86

    Didn’t make one. Never do.

  • Im proud to say I haven’t given up on any of my resolustions yet! Im doing really well. I am serious about making extreme changes in my life and I’ve adapted some serious mental toughness. Im gonna celebrate the fact that I’ve kept up in comparison to others, I’ve already surpassed them! Oh happy day…

    To all of those discouraged: keep in mind that it is NEVER too late to change/improve. NEVER! So pick the ball back up and keep going. think of a goal like the ever so popular “Fear Factor” show. You see people eating roaches and maggots, then quit! Why quit?! You’ve already eaten 20, you might as well eat the rest, if you dont you will have eaten them for no reason! So dont give up.. dont give up. Go to the extremes if you have to (ie, canceling cable service or selling your television) Quitting is the dumbest thing someone could ever do. A year from today, you will have wished you started right now! Go out there and win!

  • I’ve gotten a bit of a start on my resolutions, but I learned last year when I lost a lot of weight that slow and steady wins the race.