From Frugivore — A new campaign by Strong4Life is causing quite a stir amongst childhood obesity critics. The organization has launched a series of print ads, TV commercials, billboards, and online videos under the mantra, “Stop sugarcoating it,” encouraging Georgia communities to face up to their current status as claiming the second highest rate of childhood obesity in the United States, barely behind the number one record holder, Mississippi. The ads feature cameos of obese children discussing the challenges of being overweight, including bullying and health illnesses. One ad even goes so far to feature an obese child asking his obese mother why he is fat.

While there seems to be a consensus that anti-obesity campaigns need more leverage, critics disagree over the target of Strong4Life´s campaign, children. Many argue that childhood obesity campaigns should address the parents of obese children, as they primarily control the diets of their children. Others feel that the campaign needs a stronger educational approach, not simply an appeal to human emotion.

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