A Girl Scout who identifies herself as Taylor has made a video asking people to boycott Girl Scout cookies because the group is using proceeds from their sale to appease “the desires of a small handful of people.” She is referring to the organization’s policy that allows transgendered boys to participate in Girl Scouts, which she considers a violation of the organization’s purpose. In her words:

“Girl Scouts describes itself as an all-girl experience. With that label, families trust that the girls will be in an environment that is not only nurturing and sensitive to girls’ needs, but also safe for girls.”

The full video is a little hard to get through (there’s a cold, robotic aspect to this young lady’s affect that I can’t put my finger on), but Taylor explains herself and the need to boycott the cookies below. She even connects her launch of the boycott to the civic responsibility she gained from scouting. Watch:

I was a Girl Scout for most of my childhood and LOVED IT. But I’m not sure how having a child with male genitalia present would have changed anything about arts and crafts, camping, hustling cookies, and singing songs. Further, no one ever did any sort of “gender check,” so I don’t know how effectively transgendered boys can be banned from Scouting anyway. The only need I can think of when it comes to safety applies to the overnight Girl Scout camp where I spent my summers, but even that environment had a smattering of sexual experimentation and ambiguity going on. Based on that experience, the lack of practicality in the thinking behind the idea that transgendered children could do special harm to the scouting environment has a tinge of discrimination to it. On the other hand, I’m not confident that I’d trust Girl Scout troop leaders to make the right call when it comes to managing the inclusion of transgendered children. And then there’s the part about giving up Thin Mints and Samoas…which is simply out of the question.

What do you think of Taylor’s request to boycott Girl Scout Cookies? Were you a Girl Scout or does your daughter participate in scouting? Speak on it!

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  • Water

    I’m really confused by many of the comments posted. Why is it so bad for someone to be transgender? I know quite a few transgender people, and there is NOTHING wrong with them. Why? Because they’re people! It doesn’t matter if someone is born female BIOLOGICALLY, but wishes to identify as a male in society, and vice versa. People really need to get over their bigoted opinions and learn tolerance. Remember, the way some of you are speaking about transgender children, particularly biologically born males who identify as FEMALES, and how they shouldn’t be allowed in Girl Scouts, is exactly how white people treated black people when it came to schools, buses, and even pathetic drinking fountains. Let’s not forget that.

    • beesknees

      Though transgendered people have their own rights as people, you cannot compare if this boy wasn’t allowed in the girl scouts to black people being banned from equal rights before laws were passed. Girl Scouts is optional and were he not allowed in, the child could find another group or a club and I am sure his well-being of life wouldn’t be affected though he may be disappointed. When blacks were denied jobs, equal housing, opportunities and had to face whites only signs THAT truly affected their well-being and way of life. Here we are talking about letting a biological boy into an all- girl group. These are two different situations. The reality is if you are different that will draw attention. I am not saying someone should be mistreated but this boy’s parents should take the experience of others into account before they try to PUSH other young children to deal with an issue (transgender) before they may be ready to. The parents could have contacted parents to explain or see their feelings ahead of time instead of juat bulldozing their way through. If it is that controversial and other little girls don’t feel comfortable the parents should maybe like others suggested create a co-ed scouts and recruit others maybe like their child. It isn’t bigoted to not agree with this if people can offer solutions.

    • Vertigo Schtick

      “When blacks were denied jobs, equal housing, opportunities and had to face whites only signs THAT truly affected their well-being and way of life.”

      Except being transsexual totes affects a person’s well being. Transsexual teens are the least likely to make it to adulthood because they are readily discriminated against. They have unfortunately high suicide rates. I’d read up on the subject before I readily decide someone who dress feminine but has a penis is NOT affected by society’s prejudice. People kill them.

  • Mr Jay

    She is brave to voice her opinion.