Texting is obviously a favorite pastime for most Americans, and the trend hasn’t shown any sign of diminishing. But countries like Finland China, Hong Kong and Australia are seeing a decline in the number of people maximizing the benefits of cellular messaging; they seem to be embracing the unlimited gratification of social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

A study shows that Hong Kong documented a 14% per cent decline when it came to the number of people texting while Australia dipped 9%. The conclusion circled around the fact that texting just didn’t provide as much interaction and variety that social media apps tend to accommodate. Since most cellular phones are now equipped with these platforms, texting no longer seems satisfactory,

But Americans are not quite ready to trade away the art of texting just yet; in fact the percentage of texters in the US is steadily rising despite the social media apps option.

What is your preferred method of interaction? Texting or Social Media Guru?

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