It looks like life really does begin at 40! Engagements, career highs and even babies – turning forty is no longer a daunting expectation. Your dreams and aspirations don’t have to be winding down, they can be just beginning. The women on our FAB list are at the top of their game and haven’t skipped a beat when it comes to showing their younger counterparts how it’s really done. They also seem to be looking better and better as they seamlessly settle into another exciting decade of their lives.

If this is what being in your forties looks like, sign me up now!

Mary J. Blige: This electrifying songbird just turned 41 and looks better than she did a decade ago. Blige is consistently churning out hit after hit without any signs of slowing down. Her style evolution is enviable and we can’t wait to see else she delivers.

Halle Berry: Newly engaged Berry is finally where she always hoped to be at 45 with a gorgeous toddler daughter and a man that obviously adores her. She gives hope to the tortured 20-Somthings who can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sanaa Lathan: The 40 year old stunner is a newbie to the 40’s club and she doesn’t look a day over 25. Her strong acting chops combined with her sexual vulnerability have helped her career and hopefully her lucky streak will continue

Viola Davis: Davis is the perfect example of how life as a forty-something can be both rewarding and gratifying. She has managed to hit a homerun on all major fronts. Starring in a hit movie that has garnered her praise and nominations, and then becoming a first time mother to an adopted baby girl. At 46, Viola Davis is just hitting her stride.

Janet Jackson: At 45, Jackson still has the youthful vigor and appeal that will never fade away. Despite all the emotional upheavals, she has still managed to remain cool, calm and collected. She is in the best shape she has ever been in her life and she is still wowing the crowds with her seductively interactive concerts.

Not a bad collection of women! And once you add Toni Braxton (43), Jada Pinkett Smith (40), Regina King (40) and Stacey Dash (45) to the mix, we end up with a group of stellar Sisters Still Doin’ It For Themselves!

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