Do you feel like you’re cheating on your blush with your bronzer? Or that you can’t possibly pull off wearing color on the cheeks? I have good news: you can wear both at the same time! Bronzer and blush usually serve two different purposes. Bronzing powder is meant to create a natural sun-kissed effect to the skin and it’s applied on the outer perimeter of the face (temples, jaw line, etc.). It can also be used to lightly contour the cheeks. Blush, most of the time is meant to add life to the cheeks with a pop of color from natural to bright. Wearing both creates more dimension to the face – and it’s fun!


Try using a medium sized powder brush to apply both products. It’s really helpful to use your hand to evaluate your own bone structure so you’ll know where cheek product should be placed on your own face . Apply the bronzing powder in the hollows of the jaw by starting back by the ear and sweeping towards the front of the cheek. Leave the apples of the cheek bare in order to make room for the blush. Trace your brush along your temples and hairline to create a consistent sun-kissed look.

It’s really complimentary to use a blush of pink, warm terracotta and peach shades when using this technique. The idea is to create a warmth to the skin. Blend your blush in an upward sweeping motion starting on the apple of the cheeks. Take a step back from the mirror to make sure that both sides are symmetrical. Did you just pull off a Pro technique? Yep, I think you did!

– Alana Wright

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  • Heck yes! This is a must for me. I typically use Nars Exhibit A or Taj Mahal with Cover Girl Queen Ebony Bronze Bronzer. It’s the perfect combination every time!

  • Yaslina

    I’m confused, I’m a bit green when it comes to make up. Well… very green. Bronzer is supposed to give you a look like you’ve been out in the sun, kind of tanned. I thought one of the amazing features of darker skin tones was that they already naturally look like that? Why is bronzer needed?

  • Dream

    ohh thank god for this article i just gota NARS bronzer and blush combo and i had no idea what to do with it!

  • Jan

    omg! I was having a dilemma with this because i LOVE blush but recently I have been wearing bronzer everyday because it makes my skin glow..so i was thinking “i feel horrible for only wearing bronzer, leaving my blush out” needless to say, I have found a way to do both..thnx Doll!