Coco + Creme’s 2012 Beauty Resolutions — 2011 is over and done. 2012 has finally arrived! New Year. New You. Right?! We’ll see about that… Change should certainly begin from within, but don’t forget about the outside too, while you’re at it. Here are some skin, makeup, and hair resolutions we’re hoping to see in the months to come, because many of us just didn’t quite hit the mark this past year. Wear Moisturizer – Every Day. Prior to working behind a makeup counter for the first time, I had no idea how many women were skipping the most essential step in their daily skincare regimen – moisturizer! Regardless of skin type, moisturizer is an absolute must have throughout the year, morning and night. (Continue Reading…)

Tamar Braxton Talks Wigs, Weaves, and Natural Hair — Everybody knows the Braxton sisters love yaki, and baby sister Tamar appears to be the most devoted wearer. For the overthetop.com reality TV star, wigs and weaves are all about versatility and fun—and most importantly, keeping her natural hair healthy, she says. (Continue Reading…)

New Study Says High Heels Give You Flat Feet: Are You Concerned? — You can’t come between a woman and her shoes, especially her high heels. Still, there is a new discovery that is more than likely going to leave high heel fans a little low. Could high heel shoes possibly be the blame for flat feet? There are reports from researchers that are claiming that high heel shoes are the reason for flat feet among women, and that risks are seriously increased further if they spend a lot of time standing up. (Continue Reading…)

Miss Masculine: How To Wear Menswear — The last few seasons, menswear has made quite the impression on the runways and the ladies. Thanks to designers like Alexander McQueen and Coco Chanel, they’ve taught us that if executed right menswear can create a polished elegance with an androgynous spin. The tailored, menswear trend really gives women an edge. When done right, the look is sophisticated chic and blatantly seductive. There’s a few things to keep in mind when you’re rocking menswear. So how do you pull off the look without it being too literal and looking like you’re trying to play dress up? Here are a few tips to guide you when wearing menswear without losing your personal style. (Continue Reading…)

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