‎10 Beauty Habits You Must DROP in 2012 – Many people believe that this is just about the time when we abandon our New Year resolutions. At this time, we are supposed to feel totally dejected because we’ve let go of our dear-old resolve. Maybe that is true, but I say, hell, you can always jump right back in and try again. You have a whole year to perfect them. That said, here are ten beauty routines to let go of…forever. (Continue Reading…)

5 Hairstyles for TWA Stage – When you transform from a perm to natural, you must not be afraid of the big chop. When you are left with your Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA), you may think “How am I going to style this little bit of hair?” Whether your hair is short or long, you always have many options for hairstyles. The best thing about having a TWA is that it takes only a few minutes to achieve a new hairdo. It’s time for you to embrace your tiny afro and give one of our favorite hairstyles a try. (Continue Reading…)

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