4 Actresses to Watch With Flawless Style – At Coco & Crème, we decided to take a look at the starlets of Hollywood to figure out a quick list of the next big names. These four fresh faces have major films and TV Shows under their belts. Whether they are on screen or off screen, these ladies are style stars in gorgeous gowns and in unique everyday looks. (Continue Reading…)

Rules for Going Pantiless – A fresh breeze blowing in the wind, it drifts up your leg and right underneath your skirt and makes your lady parts blush in anticipation. Aaaaahhhh the joys of going pantiless. It makes me feel good and empowered and light on my feet all the day long. Songs have been made paying homage to not wearing them. Eryka Badu sings in her homage to a woman named , “Annie don’t wear no panties…She was sittin on the front pew givin Deacon Johnson ‘nem a good view.” Which brings me to my point, that all situations are not conducive for going in le buff underneath your clothes. (Continue Reading…)

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