Five Fashion Bloggers with Natural Hair We Love — There are thousands and thousands of fashion bloggers that showcase their passion for fashion through collages, pictures, and video these days. How often do you find a personal style blogger with great style and flawless natural hair? Well, we at Coco & Crème searched our hearts out to find some natural hair fashionistas worth bookmarking. (Continue Reading…)

Loving Natural Hair is an International Battle: Brazilian Racist Song About Naturals — Black hair bears the brunt of racism all over the world. Music giant Sony was recently ordered to pay retroactive compensation back to 1997 for the release of the song, “Veja os Cabelos Dela (Look at Her Hair) by the singer known as Tiririca. Here are a few lyrics from the song (Continue Reading…)

Willow Smith’s Wigs and Stripper Poles: Are Our Girls Growing Up Too Fast? — As if The Smiths don’t have enough going on with the rumors of Jada proceeding to file from divorce from Will, this week Willow Smith posted a picture of herself dancing on a stripper pole with a caption that read “Vegas Chick.” *Gasp* Not long after the picture was posted it was taken down. I am assuming her people realized the negative attention that this picture would incite. But they weren’t that fast, upwards of 500 people had a chance to view the picture before it disappeared. And this is just weeks after Willow was spotted wearing a Nicki Minaj-inspired wig, a gift from the rapper herself. (Continue Reading…)

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