When I saw Jimmy Kimmel’s first installment of “I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present” I laughed so hard that I considered giving my nephews the same treatment by placing a random object under the tree for them to open in search of some coveted toy. The very mean but very funny gag became so popular that Kimmel ended up with even more footage of mad little kids throwing down horrible gifts from Christmas 2012 and made a Part Two. Some of these youngsters may be scarred for life and will never trust their parents again, but it’s worth considering that extreme possibility for a second just to watch them throw down their crappy gifts in disgust, yell about how horrible their parents are, and storm off with their short limbs swinging in the air. Watch, and keep a special eye out for potato boy at 3:55 … he shuts the game down.

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  • My stepsister and I did this to my dad when we were tweens, lol. He was NOT happy. Y’all talking about spoiled brat kids, you never seen a spoil brat adult, lol! We put a bunch of boxes inside a bigger box (think Russian Dolls style) so he kept opening them until there was literally nothing. He was pissed…it was great.

    But the deodorant girl on here was super funny, so was the 3DS…that was awesome.

  • LemonNLime

    Taco seasoning girl was hysterical!