We are living in interesting times. While racism is alive an well, black people across the diaspora have more opportunities than ever before.

Although we have our first black president here in America, we also still have an unequal justice system that disproportionally convicts and imprisons black men and an educational system that treats black children with contempt instead of looking at them like they hold the keys to our future.

In the UK, 2011 saw riots sweep across London and other parts of England, bringing with them many questions and conversations about race and class in the country.

Last week, 18 years after his murder, Stephen Lawrence and his family finally saw a bit of justice as two of the London teen’s killers were convicted of murder. However, issues of race and racism still bubble just beneath the surface.

On the eve of the verdict in the Stephen Lawrence case, poet Dean Atta put pen to paper and crafted a poem that’s touching many across the world.

Atta’s poem, “I Am Nobody’s N–ger” talks about the controversial word that has been hurled at black people around the world. Unlike some who embrace the word, Atta reminds us that the n-word still carries a lot of pain and anguish and should not be a welcomed part of our vocabulary.

He writes, “Rappers, when you use the word nigger remember that was one of the last words Stephen Lawrence heard/ so don’t tell me it’s a reclaimed word.”

Check out Dean Atta’s poem and tell us what you think. 

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  • iQgraphics

    n!gga n!gga n!gga


    Now, are some blacks still running around ignorant as fcuk?

    I believe that if you get rid of the stereotypes associated with the word, the word itself will die.

    Do you hear people requesting albums be released on 8 track?
    The technology, or lack there of, is useless, therefore, so are the peripherals.

    The one thing I do agree with is these rappers throwing the word around, (Keeping it alive like Christ) among with other degrading stereotypes (gender related) around.WHO ELSE DOES THAT? AND CAPITALIZES?

    N!ggas in Paris….
    Really, my n!gga ?

    (full disclosure: I’m more angry about the objectification of women in black culture/music than the word N!gga)

  • @ifeedemlead

    N!gga, N!ggaz is Poison, Mental Poison.

  • Girl

    It feels really weird for us to get upset at foolish white people saying the word when rappers continue to use it in the ir songs and seeing that whites are the ones buying hiphop the most, how do you tell them NOT to repeat lyrics in a song?