Ironically, one of the most ignorant posts I’ve read in recent weeks appeared on a blog that goes by the name of “Very Smart Brothas.”

In an astoundingly insensitive article, aptly titled Rape Responsibility — And The Fine Line Between Victim-Blaming and Common Sense”, The Champ, a blogger on the site, decided to tackle the subject of rape and why women, in fact, do hold some responsibility for sexual assaults against their person.

He found his inspiration from a post written by writer Zerlina Maxwell for titled, “Stop Telling Women How to Not Get Raped.”

In Maxwell’s article, she brilliantly states why society’s misdirected venom towards “unladylike” women is endangering potential victims:

“Our community, much like society-at-large, needs a paradigm shift as it relates to our sexual assault prevention efforts.  For so long all of our energy has been directed at women, teaching them to be more “ladylike” and to not be “promiscuous” to not drink too much or to not wear a skirt. Newsflash: men don’t decide to become rapists because they spot a woman dressed like a video vixen or because a girl has been sexually assertive.”

Even though The Champ agrees that statistics revealing that 1 in 5 women will become victims of a completed or attempted rape in their lifetime are horrific, he draws the line at agreeing that men, and men alone, are responsible for women being violated, stating that women should employ a modicum of common sense when dealing with their baser male counterparts:

“Why can’t both genders be educated on how to act responsibility around each other? What’s stopping us from steadfastly instilling “No always means no!” in the minds of all men and boys and educating women how not to put themselves in certain situations? Of course men shouldn’t attempt to have sex with a woman who’s too drunk to say no, but what’s wrong with reminding women that if you’re 5’1 and 110 pounds, it’s probably not the best idea to take eight shots of Patron while on the first, second, or thirteenth date? Yes, sober women definitely get raped too, but being sober and aware does decrease the likelihood that harm may come your way, and that’s true for each gender.

“It seems as if the considerable push back again victim-blaming has pushed all the way past prudence and levelheadedness, making anyone who suggests that “women can actually be taught how to behave too” insensitive or a “rape enabler.” And, while the sentiment in Maxwell’s article suggests that victim-blaming is dangerous, I think it’s even more dangerous to neglect to remind young women that, while it’s never their fault if they happen to get sexually assaulted, they shouldn’t thumb their noses to common sense either.”

And this is where the waters get treacherous.

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  • M12Casey

    I don’t have that much of a problem with what The Champ said because I don’t see it as victim blaming. No does mean no and a men has no right to rape a woman no matter how she is dressed or how she acts or whether she is drunk or not. However, there is no harm in teaching young women how to lessen the risk of being attacked by not walking at night alone, keeping their eye on their drink, not going to a strange man’s house etc. These are just precautions that women should take.

    It’s a really thin line because there are some situations where a victim might (MIGHT because we all know that if a man wants to rape a woman he can do it no matter what the situation is) have been able to avoid being raped if she wasn’t at that particular place at that particular time doing whatever she was doing, but the man still has no right to take advantage of her even if he can.

    • baabaa

      Those who are upset and up in arms are accusing The Champ of justifying a rapist’s action and he is doing no such thing. These commentors who are refusing to separate precaution from blaming the victim, I can guarantee, take precaution when they are out with men or out alone.

  • LMO85

    To baabaa and all of the other extremely DENSE commentariat–

    The author of this post and the one that triggered that fool’s response DO NOT SUGGEST THAT WOMEN SHOULD NOT TAKE PRECAUTIONS. THAT IS NOT THE POINT. OF COURSE in everyday situations most normal folks take precautions. Guess what? That doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen, that doesn’t mean you won’t become a victim of a crime. However, do we blame the person who was hit by the drunk driver, or the drunk driver who had no control over themselves or their vehicle when he/she hits and kills someone? THE POINT IS the onus is on MEN to take responsibility and accountability for THEIR OWN actions and that should be the education, that should be what is emphasized, shouted from the rooftops and relayed over and over again. Society needs to re-direct this conversation. BOYS from baby up need to be taught self respect, honor and discipline. Perhaps if we didn’t live in a rape culture that still portrays women as objects instead of human beings with their own agency–then some of you would get a muthafuckkin clue. In this life, you can only CONTROL YOURSELF. It doesn’t matter what else happens to you, in front of you, with you or around you–YOU make the decision to act or not act. If we know this in every other situation, why is this any different? Why must women be told this countless times–that they need to take precautions but men are not told countless times that unless they hear an enthusiastic YES, and that if they DO hear an emphatic NO–that they need to control themselves and walk away? The point is men should be told this over and over and over until it reaches through to the the thickest white meat (as Bernie Mac would say-RIP). WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND? Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

    • baabaa

      Too bad you cant have a proper exchange without using insults. So after your first sentence I went blind. Using tact will get you further. My former debate instructor always said that when people resort to insults they either lack the skills to properly express their opinions or lack a plausible point of view.

      Good luck to you. God bless.

  • sli

    We all know that no one deserves to be raped no matter what they have on or how much they’ve had to drink or what time of night they’re walking on the street? Rape and victim blaming is a huge problem in this world, and I don’t think that anyone is saying that it’s not. But come on ladies, taking precautions against crime, any crime is just a part of life. It’s a part of life because we do not live in a perfect society. To reiterate what some others have said, when we’re at home, we lock our doors and windows and turn on the alarm. When going to the mall or work or church, we lock our cars. When in the grocery, we make sure we don’t wander off and leave our purses in the shopping kart. So how is it that we can use common sense and take precautions with our homes, cars, and purses, but not our bodies? Why is that so difficult to understand?

    Yes, no means no. Some men get that and understand. Some don’t get it and have to be taught; it has to be drilled into their heads over and over again—preferably starting at a young age. And some men don’t care; those are the ones we need to be concerned about. I don’t know what man understands what, so I’m looking at every man as a potential rapist. We are taught to drive defensively because there are some fools on the road. So being aware of our surroundings and not putting ourselves into questionable situations helps to protect us from the fools in this world. We have to always, always be aware of our surroundings. And sadly, no matter how many precautions we take, we still may become a victim. But to take none and not utilize our God given intuition because we think that every man should be an honorable and upstanding gentleman is simply foolish. We can’t naively believe that every person knows right from wrong. If that were the case, the jails wouldn’t be full.

  • LMO85

    Baabaa don’t boohoo because I called you out. It is what it is, GET A CLUE.

    @ The Taker—PREACH.

  • iQgraphics

    How about this: Rapist should be shot in the face. Period, thee end.
    Now, lets see how many cats wanna stick it where it’s not wanted.

    • isaidiwasntcommentingthisyr

      maybe government should issue antirape condom to all female born children and continue sending lifetime supply to protect the vajayjay and female soul from those animals who enjoy taking sex

      i was raped in the middle of my sleep in my own home by my own spouse, multiple xs
      guess i looked really sexy and was in the wrong place at the wrong time with a man i didn’t really know

      i should start walking around with razor blades in my p ussy since i am a walking rape magnet. i mean hell, i already have an alarm system, a glock, brass knuckles, mace & damn whistle (oh yeah, and don’t tell the popo b/c half that shit ain’t legal for carry)

    • iQgraphics

      That mofo clearly had entitlement issues so I would have entitled his face to a hot pot of grits.

      My word, yall can quote me on this cuz the next muthafcuker to come at me sideways is getting his heart carved from his chest with a spoon.

      And it don’t matter if Im butt bald naked walking down front street pissy as$ drunk.