Kelly Rowland – “Keep It Between Us” from Kelly Rowland on Vimeo.

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  • DivineBrown

    Didn’t watch the video. I don’t support black women who put black men(esp dark ones) in their videos. I’m all about reciprocity and if it was Lance, he’d have ambiguous girls trust…at the most an “Eva Pigford” which is good enough, but still… Kelly needs to stop it anyways because she’s all about the swirl.

    • DivineBrown

      Do a video with JCole. THEN I’ll watch.

    • @DivineBrown

      What really gives with you?! Here you have two black people-of which I know you are a strong advocate for, given your Red Tail(or whatever that movie is called) impassioned comments. Then now, you are stating you won’t watch it because of reciprocity issues. Jesus! Like watsthedealyo?!

    • DivineBrown

      @African Mami
      I’m not about black people. I’m about black FEMALES, specifically black girls, since you can’t help all black women. Many love mistreatment. I realize it gets tricky sometimes because black men are black women’s natural partners and NATURALLY they’ll want to be with them and see their love depicted online. So helping them is helping “their”(ugh…I hate putting it that way) men I could care less about that. Sorry, this doesn’t impress me one bit. And it doesn’t impress black men either as most always comment that she’s a white man lover.

      Men uphold women. Men build statues dedicated to women. Men praise a woman’s beauty. Men win wars for women. So when I see something like this, it makes me SICK to my STOMACH. At a time when you have black men going HAM on black women for their supposed bitterness of their IR or trivial nonsense over being replaced in THEIR music videos etc, I don’t wish to see a black woman praise black men(esp the darker ones) because we all know if this was reversed, that would not be the case. I know two wrongs don’t make a right and this “gender war” stuff will get the black community nowhere. I accept I’ll be seen as being divisive. I’m made of stone and so I give two damns about that. This is NOT a good message for young blacks believe it or not. It only goes to add to the, “Black women love black men so much…desire them sooo much…even their “dark chocolate” BUT it’s not returned”. This actually will make young black girls feel WORSE. They won’t pick up on it initially but it’s embedded in the psyche none the less. Growing to feel unwanted. This clearly looks like black women running, supporting, and uplifting the black man and it makes me WINCE. We’re always made to seem like we’re nothing and they’re just so damn special when that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Everything a man does for a woman, black men DON’T do for black women and have MANY excuses for why. Black women are a group of women who are truly on their OWN. They see no return on the boys they raise. I expect uproar over that but doesn’t mean I’m WRONG.

      I support CONSCIOUS black men who aren’t conscious PIMPS but your regular black man—the things I hope and pray to be done to them even the KKK would tell me to ease up. NO MERCY. I know, I know…I’m bitter and it’s not healthy for me but trying to stop all this degradation of young girls doesn’t take a passive and light hard to do. I’ll be the dark warrior.

      Hope my intentions are cleared up.

  • BlacknAmazed

    I watched the video earlier today….beautiful. Those two would make a good looking couple…lol I’m always match making. I love the song too. Kelly tryin to get her some hits. :)

  • DolphinsandPuppies

    I don’t really care for it.

  • complexity

    it’s a weird part of her voice. the timbre is different that what i’m used to hearing from her. Lance definitely caught the eye.

  • complexity

    it’s a song that can grow on me.