Viola Davis is having the best year ever. She not only starred in one of the most popular movies of the year, but she’s the favorite to sweep Best Actress awards all season long. Now, Viola Davis snagged the Entertainment Weekly cover along side superstar and old friend George Clooney.

Clooney and Davis sat down with Entertainment Weekly for a joint interview that covered everything from the movies from they’ve costarred in, to black actresses, and agism in Hollywood.

Davis, who was nominated in for an Oscar for her role in the film “Doubt,” discussed why African American actresses are underrepresented at the Academy Awards.

“Only one black actress in history has been back [at the Oscars] more than once, and that’s Whoopi Goldberg,” Davis told Entertainment Weekly. “But that’s only because there aren’t a lot of roles out there that are going to bring you back. Say if you have two great roles for an African-American actress in a year — one actress can cover it. So if there’s five really good black actresses out there, and that one actress gets it all, then the other four can sit for the next three years.” 

Will Davis be “back” at this year’s Oscars? I think so. Insiders believe she’s a shoe-in for a nomination.

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