Say what you want about Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, but he’s a bonafide hustler. Along with coming up with creative business ventures, apparently the music mogul also has time to juggle the ladies.

Diddy’s player ways are damn near legendary. Although he’s been linked to singer Cassie for years, he’s managed to split his time with his longtime partner and mother of most of his children, Kim Porter. Now, Diddy is apparently adding a new woman to his roster, actress Cameron Diaz.

According to The Insider and the New York Daily News, Diddy and Diaz were spotted together at a few of the Golden Globe after parties over the weekend, and if the reports are true, Diddy was a little controlling.

The folks over at The Insider said that Diaz and Diddy tried to be discrete, but couldn’t quite pull it off.

They report: “Diddy arrived about 40 seconds before Cameron, who proceeded to hide in the corner of his table. Both posed individually for a house photographer, but when he tried to get group shots, Cameron bent 90 degrees at the waist to get out of the shot.”

The NY Daily News confirms the story, and adds an interesting twist:

Diddy found Diaz sitting on a couch “talking to a guy,” says the source.

“Let’s go,” Diddy told the “Bad Teacher” actress, who our source says quickly got up to follow him out a back exit where celebrities could call their cars, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

Before Diaz and Diddy could make their getaway, however, our source says they ran into three male party guests who wanted their pictures taken with Diaz.

She happily obliged, says our source, until an impatient Diddy grabbed her hand, said “Let’s go” again, and pulled her to a waiting car.

“I’ve never seen him so controlling,” says the source, who says Diaz “seemed to like the manly power thing.”

So, does this mean D & D are an item? Who knows, but it sure makes for one interesting (read: odd) pairing.

What do you think?

*hat tip to Necole Bitchie

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