There aren’t many comedians who could be as funny and ignorant as Bernie Mac was. Between stand-up routines like The Kings of Comedy and his softer side on the sitcom The Bernie Mac Show, he was all-around hilarious. When Bernie Mac passed away from pneumonia complicated by the lung disease sarcoidosis, he left a huge hole in the entertainment landscape.

On February 19, Comedy Central will air a documentary giving tribute to his talent, featuring interviews with friends, family and colleagues. The special will also include never before seen performances and footage from his early life. Check out a clip below…

The special will also be available on DVD and for digital download on February 21.

My favorite Bernie Mac moment is the “I hate black people” scene from Don’t Be a Menace While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood. I still laugh at it EVERY time! What’s yours?

Do you plan on watching this tribute?




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  • Kimberley

    I’ll tune in. Bernie Mac was hilarious! In addition to being funny, he was also very generous.

  • CaliDreaming86

    “There aren’t many comedians who could be as funny and ignorant as Bernie Mac was.”

    Was he that uneducated (ignorant) really? Anyway. I like comedy, but nearly all Black comedians are too crass for me. I won’t be watching this tribute.

  • BlackandAmazed

    It depends on who is making the documentary….and who will be playing Bernie Mac….Lanz Alzono or Michael Ealy? lol

    I love when Bernie was Dollar Bill in Playa’s Club….and was explaining how strippin started in Africa…lol

  • complexity

    aw Bernie Mac. He is missed. I’ll watch.

  • Alexandra

    Yes, I’ll watch. I’m interested in hearing about his life outside of comedy.