The romantic in me loves a nice, personalized, over-the-top marriage proposal caught on video — I’ve cried at too many of them to count. So I guess it’s the masochist in me that hit play on this video of a marriage proposal gone in a completely different direction.

She didn’t just say “I’ll think about it” or even “No, let’s keep dating.” Homegirl straight bolted! But props to the announcer for attributing her 100-yard dash performance to her being “camera shy.” Nice save.

This video made me cringe deep in my gut. This woman’s¬†reaction epitomized that guy’s worst fear (and probably the worst fear of every guy that proposes marriage in public), but no one thinks that kind of thing will end up on the jumbotron in a sports stadium; if everything goes well then great, but either way there’s a lot of pressure for both parties involved. Perhaps a super-public proposal is not the way to go if you’re not 100% sure your fiancee-to-be is going to say yes?

What do you think of this doozy of a moment and public marriage proposals in general?


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